Wedding at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH

A White Mountain Wedding

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Couples love getting married in New Hampshire’s White Mountains in Autumn and I love photographing them. It’s always nice when nature helps with the decorating. Of course, it’s hard to predict the timing of the best color, so planning can be tricky. At the late September wedding of Glen and Emily at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, the leaves had barely started turning. Nevertheless, the setting and the weather were spectacular.

The couple held their ceremony on the lawn of the resort where a nice-sized group of friends and family joined them. A small lake lay to one side, the mountains surrounded them, and the sun beamed down on the celebration. From my perspective as the photographer, not only did I enjoy the setting, but I was pleased with the JP as well. He stepped out of the way when the couple exchanged rings and embraced for their first kiss, which let me get some nice shots.

The wedding party was larger than most, but a fun group of people. I wanted to get a shot with them on a dock on the lake with the mountains in the background. Unfortunately, the dock developed a strong list to port with everyone standing on that one side. Me and two other people holding my lights just wasn’t enough counter balance to prevent a general flooding on the other side, so we had to move back to solid ground. We still got some beautiful images even thought we had to find another spot.

They held the reception inside – which I enjoyed since I was getting a tad toasted from being out in the sun most of the day (I had senior portraits outside in Concord that morning). Since getting a good lighting setup about a year ago, I have a great time shooting the First Dance and the general dancing as the night goes on. By the end, though, I’m often pretty worn out from carrying a camera around all day.

I wish Emily, Glen, and their kids all the best in the years to come!


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