Water Art of White Mountain Streams

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During a camping trip near Sugarloaf Mountain in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, I decided to try some closeup photos of water flowing and splashing over rocks. The various patterns of ripples and waves, shadows and sun sparkles always fascinated me. I needed to capture this in photos. Nature produced wonderful art that I felt too few noticed.

To get the photos I wanted meant getting wet. I had to stand in the stream with the water splashing around me and pulling at me legs (and often arms). My camera poised inches away from the rushing water, I carefully composed the shot and snapped several frames to catch the ever-changing shapes. A fast shutter speed turned the constant movement into abstract water sculptures.

I was excited with the results.

Several attempts on different days in various lighting helped me learn a bit more about what it takes to get the images I want. Now, I need to get a waterproof housing for my equipment so I can explore this type of photography even more.

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