Start of Autumn, Start of a New Life

By September 26, 2014 Couple, Dancing, Fun, Portraits, Wedding

As Summer drew to a close and Autumn slowly spread across New England, Erin and Justin started their new life together with a Vermont wedding. Family and friends enjoyed the beautiful setting of the White Rocks Inn in Wallingford, Vermont. The venue provides two cabins so the bride and bridesmaids can get ready in one while the groom and groomsmen…sit around waiting (and doing the little bit they need to do to get ready).

The ceremony took place on the side of a hill with magnificent views up and down the valley. Erin wanted to ride her horse up the hill, but, like the weather, Morgan didn’t want to fully cooperate. Of course, weddings cause a lot of nerves all the way around. Why should a horse be any different? Morgan tolerated the photos okay (even some with flash), but Erin didn’t feel comfortable about how he would be approaching the ceremony.

After the ceremony, everyone headed for the huge, old barn for the reception. Converted to accommodate large parties, it had a room for the cocktail hour, a room for the bar in part formally used as stalls, and the great room with areas for tables and a dance floor. Long, flowing curtains hanging in the large open doors and real candles in chandeliers added lovely touches to the evening.

There are a couple photos of young guests I added to this collection because I thought they were fun. Yes, the cake really was crazy good as you can tell from the shot of the boy eating a piece and the coolest guy at the party nonchalantly leans against a post.

Congratulations to Erin & Justin!

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