Some Like Simple Senior Portraits

By September 17, 2015 March 15th, 2017 Uncategorized

Creating portraits that capture the essence of who someone is – their personality, interests, and style – can be fun and challenging. However, some people just like things simple, which is fine. Even simple portraits require knowledge and skill to make them terrific portraits and not just snapshots.

For me, an enjoyable part of portrait photography is finding out what the client wants and then crafting images they’ll love based on their ideas. Some people have a good concept of what they want, while others appreciate me offering suggestions. I also let my thoughts flow with variations on the client’s ideas and see what they like from that.

Austin felt more like simple portraits instead of anything too fancy or elaborate (Whew! no climbing involved like in the last senior portrait shoot). I met him and his mom at their house in Hopkinton, NH. The weather had been cloudy and drizzly off and on all day. Fortunately, just before our scheduled time, the sky cleared up beautifully!

We did a few shots in different places in the yard and used the sun as a nice rim light in some. At the end, I got some shots that were a bit more creative for some variety.


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