Capturing the details of your event whether nonprofit, corporate, or community




Inspiration moves easily between disciplines

Mulberry Creek Imagery offers a full range of creative services that pull from years of experience in photojournalism and studio work. I combine the various tools, techniques, and styles from these distinct fields of photography to obtain quality results in each setting and situation.

While specializing has its benefits, I continually find that all the artistic areas work together. What I learn in one area often translates well to another area. For example, I teach ballroom dancing. One wouldn’t immediately see the connection between ballroom dancing and taking photos. However, some of the same principles I’ve learned about how to help dancers hold their hands, arms, and legs to achieve the best look (and how to explain it to them) also applies to posing for photos. My years of experience designing newspapers, brochures, and other printed material helps me understand what works for business and stock photography.

My expertise in technique and equipment provide the technical ability while my passion feeds the creativity. Part of the passion that makes terrific photos comes from connecting with the people I’m photographing. I focus my attention on you to see what works to bring out your best.

I’m fine with an aspiring photographer asking questions, assisting, or wanting to learn while I’m at a shoot. Please keep in mind, though, that all the time I’m teaching, I’m not taking photos. Also, stopping to explain can interrupt the flow of a shoot. I’m happy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, but it would work best if we discussed this before the shoot and take teaching into consideration when planning our time.

With all services, you get a disc with the full resolution images and a copyright release that allows you to use the images how you wish. Photos will also be available on a password-protected section of my website for those who may want to order prints. The disc of your images will be ready in 2 – 3 weeks and will include about a dozen photos to which I’ve applied artistic effects if you’ve asked for that service.

Do you have an imaging project in mind not listed here? Send me a message telling me about it. I enjoy creative challenges.

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, I’ll be available to cover as much of the celebrations as you want – from rehearsal and decorating to the last dance. We begin with a consultation to discuss what photos you’d like and how much of your special day you’d like me to photograph. If possible, I like to join you in visiting the site of the wedding and reception beforehand to plan shots and talk about setup.

Prices start at $600. Please see Pricing for details.

Since your portrait session is about you, I’m happy to work with your wishes to create images you love. If that means multiple wardrobe or location changes or including various people in your shots, that’s perfectly fine. Please be aware, though, that the more time we’re changing things, the less time I’m taking photos or the more time the photo shoot will take. All these things we discuss in our pre-shoot consultation. The important thing is not to feel limited – we will get the images you want.

Prices start at $50. Please see Pricing for details.

Life’s big moments deserve remembering. Wonderful images help keep those memories alive. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and proms, bar and bat mitzvahs, retirements, and more all benefit from professional photography. I enjoy capturing those special moments for the entire event or just the important parts. Events also make good opportunities to get portraits of family and friends. Contact me about how to get the most out of your corporate or organization functions.

I’m pleased to give back to the community. If you would like professional photography at a non-profit or fundraising event, please contact me about how we can use photography to help your cause.

 Prices start at $250. Please see Pricing for details.

Image is the most important part of a business. Quality imaging is key. I’m committed to creating images for your business, institution, or organization that are appropriate and relevant – images that give customers or clients a good feel for who you are and what you offer. The other goal is to have a consistent look throughout your marketing images, including headshots, product photos, and your business in action. Having worked in public relations, I understand the needs of advertising, marketing, and public relations.

 Prices start at $125/hour. Please see Pricing for details.

Creating images is my passion and I enjoy sharing that passion with others. I’ve taught photography and imaging (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc) to people of all ages – from grade school to seniors. I’m available for one-on-one tutoring, either at home or on location. Why not get a group of friends together and set up a class or workshop? Town libraries or community centers make great locations to hold classes. I’m also happy offering classes to scouting or other children’s craft groups.

Prices start at $30/hour. Please see Pricing for details.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good prints. Fortunately, there’s a fix for that. If you have a damaged, faded, or sad photo, I can breathe new life into it with digital restoration. Every restoration is unique, so please contact me to discuss your project. Sometimes, you need some fixes to newer photos that just didn’t come out the way you’d hoped. I can take care of that as well.

 Prices start at $30/hour. Please see Pricing for details.