East Bay Jazz Ensemble playing at Tilton Island Park in NH

Serenading Summer in the Park

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People love many things about summer in New Hampshire: mountain hikes, swimming in lakes and rivers, eating ice cream – lots of ice cream. Part of the attraction, I think, is because these things are timeless. Despite the flow of progress and technology, New Hampshire holds onto traditions that go back a century or more.

Free summer concerts in parks of towns throughout the state is one of my favorites (besides the ice cream). When you close your eyes and let the music and warm summer breeze drift over you, it’s easy to find your mind wandering back through time. You can connect with the people from long years past who enjoyed summer in the same way and often in the same places.

Some friends of mine keep this tradition alive in Tilton. They live in Florida, but spend their summers in New Hampshire. Every Sunday evening in July and August, they put on concerts by local musicians at Tilton Island Park. This year, I was able to make it to a couple of concerts where their daughter, Victoria, sang. She has a spectacular voice!

At this particular concert, Victoria sang with the East Bay Jazz Ensemble. Listening to them work beautifully together, you would never have guessed that they only had a few hours one evening to practice. On this Sunday evening, like always, a nice crowd of townsfolk gathered to enjoy the music, the company, and the summer. A few even got up to dance.

Sadly, this concert series comes to an end in a couple of weeks – and with it, the summer. But next year it will be back, just like in all the summers before.


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