Senior Portraits at the Orchard

Orchards aren’t just for picking apples. They also happen to make beautiful settings for portraits. Nicholle thought¬†Apple Hill Farm on the north edge of Concord would make an ideal choice for her senior portrait session because of its scenery.

The weather turned out perfect for a mid-September Saturday (it’s always nice when Mother Nature cooperates). The sun-drenched fields made a wonderful backdrop for the various¬†settings we used. I remembered there was a rope swing on a grand old oak tree, so we started there. Next to the oak, a grassy area stretched to the orchard offering a different look just a few steps away.

We ended the shoot on a gravel road that wound down the hill. For these shots, I had to put the camera (and therefore my head) down on the gravel to get the angle I wanted. The effort was worth it, though. Of course, we couldn’t leave an apple orchard without getting a fun shot of eating an apple.

Nicholle’s natural beauty made my job relatively easy and her, her mom, and sister were all a pleasure to work with. When she finishes high school, Nicholle plans on pursuing a degree in pediatric nursing. I wish her all the best in her final year of high school and where he journey leads her from here.


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