Sculpture Student Portfolio Photography

I enjoy different types of photography – weddings, portraits, events, commercial – but typically shoot more weddings and portraits than anything else. While each area of photography has its unique considerations, requirements, and techniques, I find that quite often something I learn doing one type helps me understand something about shooting another type. Because of this, I welcome requests for shoots that let me build my experience in different areas.

Recently, I photographed sculptures created by Bonnie Farren, and art student at NHTI for her to use in her portfolio and to apply for scholarships. One of the main challenges of photographing artwork is to make sure the images accurately portray the color, texture, and message of the works. I liked Bonnie’s sculptures and appreciated the message she wished to express with them.

Bonnie is an artist living in Concord, NH, who works in ceramic and found object sculpture. Her work addresses the pressures women face in modern society to live up to an unrealistic ideal of femininity as well as the joys and pains of being a woman and the responsibilities that comes along with it.

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