Portraits down by the Sea

By September 24, 2015 March 15th, 2017 Portraits, Senior portraits

A fair number of people usually find themselves less than thrilled with their or their children’s school portraits. It’s understandable because you have a horde of kids – many of which are less than thrilled to have their photo taken – the photographers have to herd through in a limited time. Spending some quality time with a photographer who’s focusing only on you inevitably results in much better photos. Of course, holding the portrait session on the beach at sunset helps a smidgen too.

My friend, Lisa, who lives in Rye, NH, asked me to come out to take some photos of her son who just started his freshman year in high school. Not one to turn down an opportunity to go the beach, I quickly said, “Sure, I can squeeze you into my schedule.” Well, shealso bribed me with dinner.

We headed to Rye Beach, just a couple of miles from where she lives. Due to various things, we didn’t have a whole lot of time before the sun set. I couldn’t help but think of the portraits I did earlier in the summer in Iceland. There, the sunset lasts forever. On the other hand, teen boys tend not to particularly enjoy spending hours posing for the camera, so the amount of time was just about right.

One thing I found especially striking in this setting was how much the look of the photos changed with me simply changing the direction I was shooting. Marcel and the lights stayed pretty much in the same places through a series of shots while I walked around to different positions. With the sunset behind him in some angles and the darkening sky in others, they gave drastically different feels to the images.

By the time we got done, we were all ready for dinner. I think they had some seafood on the menu.

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