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Portraits of a Poet

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At 4:45 in the morning, most of us pull the covers a little tighter chasing a few more dreams. Not Erica. She’s up and writing poetry.

Her work and dedication over the last several years finally brought her dream to life: publishing her first book of poetry, Up Liberty Street. Getting a book published means needing some fresh portraits for the book jacket and publicity materials. Erica liked my work, so she gave me a call.

Each Mulberry Creek customer has a personal story and a specific goal in mind when they hire me. With any portrait session, my goal is to get a variety of images that bring out people’s personalities. This is exactly what Erica needed–a variety of looks she could use for her book jacket, marketing, website, and social media.

Setting is key to achieving the image you’re trying to convey. An advantage to having portable equipment is that I was able to get studio-style shots at Erica’s home using a backdrop, but we also had a bookcase and some Autumn trees for a variety of indoor and outside shots.

Erica has worked tirelessly to achieve her dream.  I admire the discipline and tenacity it takes to write and congratulate Erica on achieving a writer’s dream of being published. I am honored to play a small part in helping Erica finish her book and prepare for the promotion phase.


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