Poet Portraits by the River

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After years of laying a few bricks building the foundations of thousands of young lives as a teacher, Gail turned to writing poetry for fulfillment in her retirement years. She took inspiration from her life and the places she’s lived, like Connecticut, Florida, California, Hawaii, and now New Hampshire. The stories, emotions, and ideas conveyed in her poetry led to being published in a variety of magazines and journals, and now, her first book!

With the title of “Book Author” to add to the other titles she’s held throughout her life, Gail needed promotional headshots and portraits. She contacted me since she was familiar with my work taking author portraits of her friend Erica (who also recently published a book of poetry).

Gail chose Sewall’s Falls Recreation Area as the setting for her portraits. Not only is it a beautiful location for a photo shoot, it’s also a meaningful place of contemplation where she often walks her dog.

Every writer has their process and walks are effective preludes to her writing time. She tries to write every day, even if the words aren’t easily flowing. Of course, there are those days when life gets in the way, though. She likes to revise as she goes along, working on a section at a time. The results of her efforts are poignant and thought-provoking.

Even though Gail no longer is in the classroom, I suspect there’s a good chance that her accomplishments as a writer will find her still touching the lives of students.



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  1. Hi Gail! I like #’s 004 and 008 the best and if I had to choose, I’d vote for #4 because it’s a great picture of you (they were ALL great) and it shows the trail in the woods you love so much. I love the way the sun highlights the trail and your hair. I could not find a “vote” button.

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