Playing Huckleberry Finn in Titon

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It seems I’m starting a series. Not long ago, I did a James Bond style shoot in downtown Concord at night. Today, I did a Huck Finn style shoot in Tilton, New Hampshire. I’m open to suggestions on what book or movie to use as inspiration for my next shoot. This shoot also goes along with my vintage travel posters. I’ll have to see what I can do with some of these images.

The idea for this shoot came a couple of weeks ago at a free summer concert held at Tilton Island Park and arranged by friends of mine. This year, their daughters worked at Heritage Farm Pancake House in Sanbornton, operated by the Swain family. The Swains also attended this concert and I saw their young sons playing in the river which flows by the park. They were dressed in clothes similar to those Huck might have worn. The idea for the shoot sprung into my mind right then.

Today, I met them at the park in the early evening – just when the light was at its best for the section of the river I wanted to use. David, the oldest of the two boys, eagerly took the opportunity to play in the water. He followed my directions so I could get the shots I had in mind and did an excellent job as a young model. His mom and sister kept telling him to smile nicely. Although he said he couldn’t make himself put on a nice smile, when he wasn’t trying he did just fine. For the shots I wanted, a serious look worked well also.

Joseph, the youngest, wasn’t really all that interested in posing for the camera, but I still got wonderful shots. The trick with younger kids is to set them up where you want them. Then, you can get them playing in a way you want or just let them do their own thing and be ready for whatever happens. I’m pretty good with youngsters, so I can often find playful ways to gently guide them into doing something that works for the camera.

The shoot was a blast and the kids were great, but it was a huge help to have their mom, sister, and cousin there to handle the light stands – and keep the kids from floating away or running off. This time, I added a couple of Behind The Scenes shots to give you an idea what a shoot is like. Yes, I ended up getting wetter than I anticipated (which tends to happen when you kneel in the water). But the shots I got where so worth it.


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