Photographer at Work

By September 18, 2014 Fun, Info, News, Play, Story

I thought some people might like to see photos of me at work. Of course, I use the term “work” rather loosely. To me, any time behind the camera is good time. Although I love what I do, seven or eight hours running around taking photos – especially with the big lens on and a flash like in the photos of the Concord Multicultural Festival – does give me a bit of a workout. My arms and shoulders definitely let me know they’ve been used by the end of the day. I don’t need to go to the gym to get a workout. All I need to do is photograph an event.

I would like to thank Leanna Shea for the photos of me in New Zealand and Julia Freeman-Woolpert for the photos at the Multicultural Festival. In the last shot at the festival, you can see that I was getting rather soaked by the end.

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