The Nervous Excitement of the First Look

By September 23, 2014 Couple, Portraits, Wedding

In a day filled with nerves and excitement, nothing compares to the moment a groom sees his bride in her dress for the first time. Some couples break with the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony to get special First Look photos. The First Look lets the couple enjoy that happiness and emotion in a less crowded setting and get some of the photos done before the ceremony. Erin and Justin decided to do this at their wedding at the White Rocks Inn in Wallingford, Vermont.

The White Rocks Inn sits nestled in a beautiful valley in rural southwest Vermont. The grounds cover several acres of hills and meadows with a magnificent red barn the center of attention. For their First Look photos, Justin waited for Erin by a small pond around a hill from the barn. We had Justin turn his back to the path so Erin could join him on the opposite side of a willow. After a few photos of his bride just a couple feet away but behind him, Justin turned around. A huge smile spread across his face when his eyes caught lovely Erin.

As a photographer, I like the idea of First Look photos. It allows me to more easily capture the emotion of that special moment. Since it happens before the ceremony, it usually makes the formal portraits a bit more relaxed than when they’re done between the ceremony and reception. When all the photos are done in between, couples can start getting stressed about being too long away from their guests or the reception starting on time. The stress then makes it more of a challenge to get terrific photos. My recommendation is that couples consider First Look photos.

There will be more photos of Erin’s and Justin’s wedding coming soon!

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