Mom & Daughter Christmas Portraits 50s Style

Rebecca called me the week before Christmas hoping to get some portraits in time to give as presents. Happily, I had the time to help her out. She wanted to get images in the style of some of the 50s pin-up looks as well as some more traditional Christmas shots. Mom and daughter had the perfect look for it.

There were times when Bella was more in the mood to play around and make funny faces. Since I also substitute teach in the elementary schools in Concord, I’ve learned various techniques to get kids to pay attention and cooperate. It also helps to be ready for anything and to go with what’s happening. Some of images I like the best from the shoot were the ones where Bella was being a bit shy or not really wanting to do what we asked.

By the end of the two hours, we got a number of terrific shots and I feel we captured the look Rebecca had hoped for.

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