Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk 2014 Concord, NH

Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk 2014

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What a spectacular event! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the 2014 Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk in Concord, New Hampshire on Sunday. Thousands of people filled Memorial Field and raised over half a million dollars for breast cancer research. There were smiles and laughs, tears and hugs throughout the day as beautiful, strong women, their caregivers, and supporters celebrated their survival and remembered those who fought hard. Although the day was a bit chilly, the sun shown brightly on all of the participants.

One thing I like most about photographing events is picking out and capturing the small moments and details in the bustling throngs of people. Since this was a walk, it also gave me more of a workout than other events. To get photos of as many people as possible during the walk, I would run out ahead and then photograph as people passed – then run out ahead again. This time I cheated a little bit, though. After doing that for about 2 1/2 miles of the three-mile course, I stopped at the prettiest place to get most of the walking photos. Then I caught a ride back with one of the shuttles that was available for anyone needing a lift (I needed to save a little energy to teach ballroom dancing later that evening).

I like doing things for others and giving back to the community by volunteering my photography skills at events like this, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Portsmouth, the Breath NH Golf Classic in the Lakes Region, and the Concord Multicultural Festival. With this event, however, I find a special personal enjoyment in helping with the cause. My ex-wife had breast cancer twice and I’ve had colon cancer twice . The second time both of us had cancer at the same time (yes, there were even a couple of when we went to chemo together). Thankfully, both of us have sailed past the important five-year mark. Another interesting aspect that I hadn’t really thought about beforehand was that I also saw a number of women I know from various places, but hadn’t known about their fight against breast cancer.

My thoughts, prayers, and warmest wishes go out to all the survivors, caregivers, and participants of this terrific event and also to those who were there only in the hearts of others.

You can view more of the photos here (please be patient with it loading since there are over 1000 photos).


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