Love Grows in a Young Family

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The weather forecast was a bit iffy – a chance of rain and thunderstorms. Not the most ideal weather for an outdoor portrait session. Naturally, the weather turned out gorgeous – although that meant shooting in the full midday sun on a hot and humid day. We were happy with that.

Liz emailed me at the beginning of the week to see about getting some family portraits taken before their wedding ceremony at city hall in Concord. I met Liz, Nick, and their two year old daughter, Charlotte, at White Park. Not only does it offer some beautiful locations for photos, it’s also only a few blocks from city hall. Besides the pond and the stone bridge, a popular photo spot, the park has some wonderful old maples and tree-lined paths.

When working with a two year old, you never know how things will go. They can be really shy, wanting to run all over, or love hamming it up for the camera. Charlotte was wonderful. Probably one of the easiest little ones I’ve worked with. She smiled easily, liked having her photo taken, and didn’t mind watching while I got some shots of her parents. She was also happy to have her stuffed cat, Posey, watch my stuff while we took photos.

The parents were a pleasure to work with as well. Despite the sticky heat, the session went easily. We ended up running a little long, so they had to hurry off for their appointment at city hall. I met them their to finish up some of the details and arrived just as they were getting ready to start the ceremony with their families. Although that wasn’t part of the plan, I decided to get a few photos since I was there anyway. The clouds started rolling in about then.

I wish the young family all the best in the future!


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