Laughs & Love at Audubon Center Wedding

By October 17, 2014 Couple, Dancing, Fun, Wedding

Jess and Rich love each other and love to have fun. They didn’t want their wedding to be a stiff, formal event, so they made sure the day was filled with laughs, dancing, and lightheartedness. They held the ceremony at the Audubon McLane Center in Concord, NH, on a beautiful October afternoon. The vows were short and brought some laughs as the JP read some highlights of the journey Jess and Rich took that brought them to the altar together.

For the photos after the ceremony, we walked over to a field next to the Center. Of course, they weren’t interested in the way to common wedding party line-up shots, so they goofed around to make the shots be truly them. When we finished with the photos there, we headed down a trail into the woods to get some photos at a tree house.

By then, everyone was ready for some food – and to get the party started with the rest of the guests. Since this wedding was close to home for me and I didn’t have anything else to do that evening, I stayed and enjoyed the music and dancing and friendly people.

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