James Bond style night portraits

James Bond Visits Concord

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When James Bond comes to town, you stop what you’re doing to go take some photos. Using my powers of persuasion, I managed to convince him and his lovely female companion to pose for some night portraits in front of the Capital Building in downtown Concord. The villains kept their distance during the shoot (although a mentally ill denizen of downtown calling himself King Arthur did regale us with his thoughts on the fusion glow coming from streetlights that is changing the world).

The convincing stand-in for Agent 007 was Paul who I know from Let’s Dance Studio where I teach dancing. Seeing Paul in his tux at a recent ball the studio held, I knew I needed to do a portrait session with him to add to my portfolio. As it turned out, earlier that day I had met Vicki during Concord’s Market Days (I took a few photos of her caring a flag while getting some photos of the event).

I thought they would make a great-looking couple for doing some elegant night portraits in downtown Concord. The idea evolved into doing a James Bond-style shoot. We picked up a couple of nice gowns for Vicki at Concord Community Players and Paul brought a couple of BB gun pistols. I had the idea to do some fun things with the shoot – like having water pistols or one of those silly pistols that has the “Bang!” flag that pops out. That will have to be for the next shoot.

The capital building made a nice setting with the large, stone columns. The railings on the steps kind of got in the way a few times, but that’s the way it goes. At one point, a guard for the building came out to ask us what we were doing. He had seen the guns and wanted to make sure nothing too eventful was going to happen.

Overall, I’m please with the results. Being picky, though, I always see things I could have done better. Both Vicki and Paul were terrific models and played along with all my thoughts – and the roughly three hours we were shooting. Vicki works as a model and Paul certainly could if he wanted.

The areas where I was most dissatisfied with the images where mostly technical. Unfortunately, the Friday before the shoot I managed to fall into a river with my camera while taking nature photos. Needless to say, my camera and one of my better lenses got ruined. I had to use a backup camera for this shoot that wasn’t quite as capable as my other one. An aspect of photography that I find useful for building creativity, however, is figuring out how to get beautiful images with whatever equipment you have even if it’s not the “ideal” equipment.

Now I have even more ideas for this type of shoot, so I might have schedule another session with  James “Paul” Bond and the gorgeous (but tough and wickedly good with a gun) Vicki.


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