Portrait of young woman at sunset by harbor in Iceland

Impromptu Sunset Portraits in Iceland

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On the way home from my European vacation, I had to spend the night in Iceland because of flight schedules. I stayed in an AirBnB place in Hafnarfjordur, just outside Reykjavik. It was a small apartment with multiple bedrooms rented to different people and a common kitchen and bathroom.

While chatting with a young couple also staying there, Sam and Chad, I realized that there was a beautiful sunset. I asked if they would like to do some portraits. They agreed, so we headed out (at 11:30 at night) for the short walk to the harbor. I had brought some flashes with me just in case I wanted to do some portraits or light other things while I was on vacation. I didn’t have any umbrellas, though, which would have been preferred for softer light in this setting.

One thing about being so far north is that the sun sets really late in the summer and rises really early. It never gets completely dark. Fortunately, this works to the advantage of a photographer getting photos with the wonderful colors just after sunset. The colors last forever – well, a long time. It just kind of blends into sunrise. We were out taking photos until about 12:30 and the light hardly changed.

For Sam and Chad, this turned out to be a fun and unusual start to their vacation in Iceland. Considering neither of them had even done many portrait sessions before, they did a marvelous job.


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