Impromptu 2: Portraits by the River

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The Conservation Center, run by The Society for the Protection of NH Forests, lies along the Merrimack River on the north side of Concord. People like visiting there for swimming, walking their dogs, and enjoying a bit of nature close to town. I’ve shot portraits there before and like wandering around capturing images of the trees and grass, water and clouds, birds and bugs.

Last weekend, I went for a walk there with just my camera and telephoto lens. I had no particular plans on things to shoot, just whatever might catch my eye. At the far end of the property, where the river branches, I saw a family with a young boy and a beautiful Weimaraner.

As it turned out, I had photographed the lady, Trisha, with her previous Weimaraner in this exact spot a few years before. We chatted for a little bit while I took some photos of Tobey (the dog) and Tyler (the boy). Trisha and Rich wanted to get some portraits done, but then we decided, Hey, why not do a few now?

I didn’t have all my equipment I would normally use and Tyler was approaching nap time. Tobey was full of energy and distracted by all the interesting sights, sounds, and smells. Despite the challenges, we were able to get some nice photos. Of course, the next time we get together for portraits, we’ll have planned things and the results will certainly be better. Stay tuned!

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