Happy Jack: Halloween Pinup Portraits

By October 16, 2014 Fun, Pinup, Portraits

The past few weeks, I’ve been quite busy with a variety of serious shoots like weddings, family portraits, and corporate headshots. I decided it was time to do some fun photos. I had the idea for this shoot a while ago, but I finally got around to putting it all together. With the help of two beautiful (and patient) ladies, Holly and Maggie, the images came out terrific.

My lovely assistant, Debby, refined the concept (with ideas like carving Jack’s eyes at an upward angle) and tweaked the posing. Maggie, who says she was born a few decades too late, really enjoys the pinup look and went all out for the shoot with just the right hair and makeup. Holly made the perfect sexy witch and gave the idea a somewhat different look.

For the setup, I put a strobe with wireless remote inside the pumpkin to light it and then used several other strobes for the background and subject. I used softboxes to control the direction of the light and gels to color the background. If I have the chance to do the shoot again, I would like to have the images with the witch in a cemetery and the pinup on a farm or maybe in a pumpkin patch.

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