Junior Service League of Concord, NH performing the play Goldilocks & the 3 Pigs

Goldilocks, Pigs, and Witches, a Delightful Mash-up Play

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Take a bit of Goldilocks, add a helping of the Three Pigs, toss in a couple of witches, and sprinkle with a few other unexpected characters. When mixed well, you end up with a wonderfully entertaining tale – Goldilocks and the Three Pigs by Larry Damico.

The ladies from the Junior Service League of Concord put on a series of terrific performances of the children’s play for local schools and the public at Memorial Hall at St. Paul’s School. The proceeds from the shows went to buy back to school supplies and clothing for students in Concord and surrounding communities. I know one of the ladies in the play, Laura, from the ballroom dance studio where I work, so I offered to take some photos (which also gave me some practice shooting a play).

In this adventure, we find Goldilocks in the brick house of the Three Pigs, who are still traumatized by their run-ins with the Big Bad Wolf. Now, though, the Chop Brothers have some whacky girl neighbors, the Squeal Sisters, and the Wolf has French weasel as a sidekick. Goldi is trying to escape from a witch (who we discover is her mom) to meet a surfer dude from outside of Fairytale land.

As the story unfolds, with some cheeky interjections from the narrator, we get one of the Chop Brothers dressed up as Goldi to fool the Witch and Oui Oui the Weasel dressed up as Goldi to fool the Chop Brothers. Throughout, another witch chases the various Goldis trying to get a blond lock of hair for a beauty potion. Oh, and there are cameos by Elsa from Frozen and Little Red Riding Hood just to add a bit more fun.

The audience of all ages loved the show and I enjoyed photographing it. I can’t wait to see their next performance.


  1. Thank you so much, Aaron. I love all of these photos, but the one of me in the backstage mirror “losing” my tooth is a classic!

  2. Love your recounting of the story and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos Aaron! Well done!

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