October wedding in Sunapee, NH

Glorious October Wedding in Sunapee

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The hills and mountains dressed in their finest Autumn colors, the sun beaming down from a clear sky, what could be a better setting for a wedding? Andrea and Ryan made a wonderful choice when they picked Dexter’s Inn, on a backroad in Sunapee, for their celebration. Mother Nature gave them a gorgeous gift as well. Although they live in Colorado, they decided to get married in New Hampshire where much of Ryan’s family lives. That, of course, meant some traveling for other friends and family, but Fall in New England is well worth it.

Weddings at New England country inns always make terrific places for photography. Quaint rooms, rock walls, and stately maples offer a bounty of beautiful photo spots. For example, Andrea and Ryan exchanged notes before the ceremony. Andrea read hers in a pink-cushioned sitting area in her room while Ryan read his sitting on a rock wall under a maple overlooking the colorful valley. I loved the romantic feel of both places while each was filled with emotion by the other’s words.

The ceremony, while simple, filled the valley stretched out in front of them with love and joy. Smiles shone as brightly as the afternoon sun. And then, with a kiss, the two were one.

Sometimes things work out just right to get excellent photos. A hill, the right time of day, a clear sky, and Andrea’s long veil came together perfectly to create some marvelous images. I’ve also found a lighting setup that works well for the large white tents used for many receptions. With strobes attached to the poles, I can run around all over and get nice lighting with different looks. This allowed for me to get some terrific photos during the toasts, speeches, and dancing.

I was glad to be a part of this beautiful day and wish Andrea and Ryan all the best in their future lives together!


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