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Photography and I go way back. Now, though, I’m ready to make that big transition from “ehhh” to “YEAH.” Years of experience have marinated inside my head, culminating in a strong enthusiasm. It seems experience makes the metamorphosis to useful skill on its own time. That enthusiasm led to reinvigorating my periodic dabbling in the photo business as a full-service photographic arts studio.

concord, NH fireworks celebration photo

Celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks in Concord, NH and celebrating revamping my website.

The first step, of course, is creating a professional and attractive web presence. Over the past few weeks, during these sultry days of summer, I’ve worked my frontal lobes to frazzles putting together this website. The effort has paid off in a site I’m happy with. Well, at least for now. I’m always wanting to tinker and tweak and improve. There’s always a cool new thing to try or an idea that seems better. (Restraint, ol’ boy, restraint.)

On certain things, I find myself tending toward being a bit of a perfectionist. I always want to learn more and get better. Sometimes, I might focus a tad too much on little blemishes in my work instead of the overall look. Now I’ve past that point where I feel confident enough in my abilities to forge ahead, while still striving for improvement.

The months and years ahead promise excitement and fulfillment. Please stop by regularly for a visit and to join me in exploring, learning, and admiring the beauty of the world around us. I’m eager to provide images for you – whether photographing your wedding or event, composing memorable portraits, or producing commercial imaging – that you’ll be as enthusiastic about as I am in creating them.

Send me a message letting me know how I can put my imaging services to work for you.

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