Family & Senior Portraits on the Farm

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Last week, I went out to my friends’ farm in Sanbornton, NH for a portrait session with the whole family and their son, a senior in high school. The clouds and light rain had come and gone throughout the day. Of course, right when I got there, it started to rain again. It passed by quickly, though, and the setting sun broke through casting gorgeous light on the clouds. I managed to get one shot of a rainbow before it faded. It’s too bad we missed getting a shot of the family with the rainbow behind them. That would have been kind of spectacular.

Despite that, the sky worked its magic during the shoot. Getting a toddler and a dog to cooperate as well and at the same time, though, is always the challenge. In the short amount of time we had before the night swept across the fields and mountains, we captured some wonderful images.

The Swains own the Heritage Farm Pancake House, located on their 250-acre farm. Naturally, they wanted images that spoke to who they are and the hill near their house offered the perfect setting. For his senior portraits, Tyler, their son, chose the barn that’s the home for his steers. We even coaxed one into posing with him (the hay helped).

This is the second time I’ve gotten terrific photos with this family. A few weeks ago, I did a Huck Finn-style shoot with their two youngest boys. I think there’s a good possibility of more photo shoots to come.


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