Family Portraits by the Lake

By October 7, 2014 Children, Family, Portraits

This past Sunday ended up being a fairly busy day for me with two family portrait sessions and teaching ballroom dancing in the evening. I originally only had one portrait session scheduled, but lousy weather on Saturday meant rescheduling one for the next day. Thankfully, Sunday turned out to be a perfect Autumn day.

I met Courtney and her family where her parents live by Horace Lake in Weare, New Hampshire. In the group were her husband and two young children, her parents, and her brother. I love kids, so I enjoy doing shoots with them. It’s always a challenge with groups, though, to get all of them looking the same way, smiling, and having open eyes all at the same time – especially with little ones.

Courtney’s son, her youngest, needed the most persuasion to smile and keep his focus on me (some kayakers going by didn’t help). Of course, that meant I had to get goofy and play around. The thing that cracked him up the most was me pretending to fall off the dock into the water (while taking photos at the same time). The trick was to not actually fall into the water while I was horsing around.

Everyone did well with all the direction and changing locations, but after almost two hours of that, the little ones were quite ready for other things.

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