Family Portraits at a Covered Bridge

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People love to photograph New Hampshire’s covered bridges and, of course, take advantage of them for portrait settings as well. For the Robert family, they were a natural fit since Chris is a bridge engineer. On yet another gorgeously sunny Sunday, we met at Rowell’s Bridge in Hopkinton.

Creating some nice family portraits with two small children can often be a bit of a challenge. Playing is so much more fun than posing for photos. However, I love kids and have experience substitute teaching in elementary schools. It’s fun just to play right along with them while trying to coax them into positions for good photos. More often than not, catching shots while they’re playing around winds up with a few wonderful images.

Norah, the youngest, bubbled over with energy and giggles. Maddy liked posing and even helped me pose her parents for a few shots of just them. That was pretty funny watching her giver directions to her parents (that they took quite well, I might add). Norah stood beside me and pretended to take photos of her parents.

It’s always a pleasure to have a portrait session with cute kids and a beautiful family.


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