Exploring Variations in Model Portraits

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The art of photography and modeling flows from understanding how even subtle changes impact the feel or look of an image. The fall of a shadow, the tilt of a head, the presence of a highlight, or the amount of zoom all come together to evoke a particular mood for the viewer.  Getting it right takes practice and patience — and a wonderful model helps too!

In a studio shoot earlier this week, we had the pleasure of working with Nicole, an aspiring model. She moved easily and naturally and looked terrific in expressions ranging from serious to big smile. In less than two hours, we captured a variety of looks and styles in images that complement both of our portfolios.

The selection below include photos that demonstrate how different an image can look with various changes and treatments. We welcome your comments, and Nicole would appreciate the encouragement.  Tell us what you think, and let us know what ideas you have for your shoot!

Aaron & Doreen


  1. Beautiful pictures Nicole, I’m so proud of you!! Love Mom

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