Playing with Portrait Techniques

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A few days ago, I went out on a portrait shoot with a young couple, Sarah and Dillon. Sarah wanted to learn more about lighting and I wanted the opportunity to play around with some different lighting techniques. We found a few nice spots in downtown Concord that worked out quite well – one a hidden courtyard, the other Eagle Square.

With a setup of speedlights, remotes, stands, umbrellas, and a soft box, I have the ability to do studio-style lighting in whatever location offers a setting I like. Of course, that does mean carrying a bunch of stuff around with you, but the results are often worth the effort.

After creating some nice images, I also wanted to hone and develop my Lightroom skills. For those who aren’t as into photography, Lightroom is a software program photographers use to adjust, tweak, and process their photos. It’s somewhat of a companion to Photoshop, but many now use Lightroom primarily. Since I’ve been using Photoshop for over a decade now, I’m more familiar with it and tend to head over to Photoshop from Lightroom for anything more than basic adjustments. Improving my Lightroom skills, however, helps make my workflow more efficient. Besides, it’s just fun! This shoot offered a good excuse to play around in Lightroom.

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