Country Wedding at The Old Gray Barn

By August 11, 2014 September 17th, 2014 Wedding

As promised, here are some more photos from Carmen’s and Collin’s wedding at The Old Gray Barn in western Vermont. The previous post highlighted the fun photos. This one spotlights some of the special moments throughout the day.

They held most of the day’s celebrations and activities in an open field under a sunny August sky. A college roommate, who is also a rabbi, presided over the ceremony and another friend played the bagpipes. I enjoyed the mix of traditions and cultures that gave the wedding a rich and interesting texture.

This also showed up in a twist on the cake cutting – by using a pie instead. Much of the family lives in Pennsylvania where pies are common. They chose to cut a pie in honor of the groom’s aunt, who bakes about 25 pies for the family at Thanksgiving and is passing down her pie-baking expertise to the bride and groom.

After the ceremony and lunch (the wedding was a midday affair), a variety of yard and board games were on the schedule in addition to the chatting and catching up with family and friends. The main event of the afternoon was a bride’s family vs. groom’s family wiffleball game. Naturally, this led to the groom pitching to his new bride (although with the bride’s mother running in her place since you don’t really want to get grass stains on your wedding dress sliding into base). Carmen got a hit on her first at bat. Collin must have gotten a little nervous (or maybe just hot and tired) her second time up because he hit her with the wiffleball giving her a free trip to first.

This was certainly one of the most relaxed and enjoyable weddings I’ve been to. I wish Carmen and Collin all the best on their new life together!

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