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Corporate Headshots for Laboe & Tasker

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Recently, I was hired to take some corporate headshots and staff group photos for Laboe & Tasker PLLC in Concord, New Hampshire. While I was there, they asked it I could get some working shots they can use for marketing and public relations. I’m flexible and try to be always ready for whatever comes along, so we set up some different shots. We did some of them in a staff meeting and having a meeting with a “client” (someone from a nearby office so there wouldn’t be any privacy issues).

The shot that took a little more thought and planning was of John Laboe in front of the smart board. I set up a light in a softbox to camera right to add light onto him without the light hitting the smart board. I had to adjust the ISO on the camera to expose properly for the light on the smart board and then adjust the flash to a lower power to keep it from being too bright. It’s fun to have different things thrown at you like this to keep you mind sharp.

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