Senior portraits in central NH

A Climb for Senior Portraits

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Sometimes you just need to make a bit more effort to get the shots you want. During a senior portrait session with Austin, we both realized some of the shots we wanted meant a bit of climbing.

I met Austin at the Sewall’s Falls recreation on the north side of Concord, NH. At one end sits an old brick building that used to be a power plant. In addition to some graffiti, there are rusty pieces of machinery that we agreed would add some nice character to the images Austin wanted. However, some of the more interesting pieces sat suspended between stone pillars about 15 feet off the ground.

Austin, of course, is young. I like to think I’m still young…enough. So, up we went. I was glad Austin brought his friend, CJ, who helped with holding the strobes up high enough and his mom to get some Behind The Scenes shots. The images we got were worth the effort.

The only downside was that side of the building caught the full strength of the sun during the shoot on a hot, late-summer day. Unfortunately, I forgot a hat, which the top of my head wasn’t too pleased about. The heat radiating off the brick and metal also prompted us to perspire a smidgen. Fortunately, Austin had thought to wear an undershirt which kept his nice shirt from getting drenched.

After some shots there, we moved around to a shadier side of the building. This still involved some climbing, just not quite as much as before. Having some shade was nice, but the mottled light coming through the trees causes some problems with shooting. You don’t want weird shadows, particularly on the face, so you have to do move around some to find just the right spots. Another option that sometimes works, is to go with it a little and then play around with the images in Lightroom trying for artistic effects.

Once I get started and get into the zone, I can find myself going and going, coming up with new ideas, seeing just one more place to try. By this time, though, the heat and sun were starting to drain us. We finished by a large tree in the woods. The shade felt wonderful.


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