Snowman decoration on steps in the snow in Concord, NH

The City in Snow – Fine Art Photos

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The Great Blizzard of January 2015 didn’t hit Concord, New Hampshire with quite the power they were expecting. I found that a little disappointing since one reason I moved to New Hampshire was for snowy winters. This winter so far has been rather drab, so I was excited for a big storm. Even though the storm didn’t live up to its billing for this part of the state (other parts got every bit of the predicted snowfall and then some), I still wanted to go out and photograph the city in snow.

Living right downtown means plenty of photogenic urban scenery within a few blocks – from stately old homes to parks to views overlooking the center of town with the churches and capitol building. One thing that I particularly like about New Hampshire is that there are a fair number of people who keep some of their Christmas decorations up through January (in addition to other winter decorations). Since we don’t always have snow on or before Christmas, this gives more opportunity to have snow while the decorations are up.

Now that we have some decent snow, I’m looking forward to going snowshoeing soon. I hear the mountains up north calling.

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