Celebrating Newlyweds on the Farm

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Amadeus whinnied at the paddock gate as family photos were being shot against the picturesque backdrop of rolling hills, pastures, and a dramatic sky. Strategically placed and stacked bales of hay offered the perfect gathering place for group photos. An ominous sky and blustery winds threatened a possible interruption of Jamie and Clark’s elegant countryside wedding reception, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Instead, we were given only a bit of sky drama for some photos.

This 4th of July weekend reception gathered extended family and friends from across New England who were unable to attend Jamie and Clark’s official destination-style wedding in Florida this past January. As you’ll see in this photo sample, the holiday theme was fully embraced by some more than others!

The afternoon reception was a wonderful mix of tradition, laughter blended with sentiment and tears, great food, and LOTS of dancing.  Some tears always flow when the bride and groom dance with their parents —Jamie and Clark’s wedding reception was no exception. Tears quickly turned to laughter, though, when a raucous game of musical chairs, won fairly by Jim (the bride’s dad), kicked off non-stop dancing until 7 p.m.  Fodder for some great action shots for sure!

Every bride and groom hiring a professional photographer do so because they want perfect, frameable photos of specific people and activities that capture the essence of their wedding day for all time.  Mulberry Creek Imagery does its very best to provide the standard, requisite photos but we also strive to have our photos tell a story of this special day.

One of our specialties is looking for, and getting, those candid shots of special moments—grandparents kissing, a tear being wiped during a toast, friends belly laughing, or the playful exuberance of young children.  It is particularly helpful that most people no longer shy away from the camera, thanks to prolific photo-taking with smartphones. This group excelled at going about their conversations, dancing, hoola hooping, and partying while we clicked away.  But, they also obliged when we wanted fun, semi-posed shots as well.  Thank you all for helping us create these photos! (These are only a sampling. Watch for the complete collection in a couple of weeks.)

Throughout the day there was a bit of Stonehill vs UNH rivalry and bantering and some brotherly-sisterly teasing that gave way to united wishes for lifelong love and happiness for this loving couple. We join Jamie’s and Clark’s families in wishing this happy couple nothing but the best in life, love, and career.

Aaron and Doreen

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  1. What a beautiful day for both families and friends! Jamie and Clark, Love you both, congratulations on finding each other and living the dream!

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