Bread & Chocolate Food Photography

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In the mood to practice food photography, I stopped by Bread and Chocolate bakery in downtown Concord, NH. They have delicious breads, cakes, croissants, and other baked goods. Food photography is an art form in itself. Since I’m rather partial to food and enjoy baking and cooking myself, it’s an area of photography I’d like to explore. I was somewhat limited in placement and presentation of the food because this was during business hours.

Food photographs better when lit from behind or one side. This helps to show off the texture and “shine” of food that is supposed to be sticky, oily, or wet. Using a narrow depth of field (a limited area in focus, the rest out of focus) highlights a particular piece, section, or part of the food. Of course, doing so means making sure to focusing on the nicest or most interesting part of the food or dish.

Food photography requires paying attention to all the little details. While it’s certainly enjoyable, there is a downside: wanting to eat all the food I’m photographing.

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