Belly Dancers Perform Sword Dance at Concord Market Days

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During Market Days in Concord, NH, members of Tribal Zoe Belly Dance team performed an incredible sword dance. They amazed the crowd with sensuous moves – even with the real swords balanced on their heads. The art of belly dancing requires moving various parts of your body (head, shoulders, ribs, hips, legs) in isolation. A true test of that ability is to undulate, swivel, twist, and dance with a sword resting on your head. The women performed it beautifully.

They hold lessons in the same studio where I teach ballroom dancing, so I’ve had several opportunities to photograph them. It’s always enjoyable to watch them put on a show. It also makes you wonder, “How do you move just your ribs or hips like that?” Later on, I suspect most people will try to see if they can do it too (in private).

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