Autumn Engagement Photos

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While people enjoy having their photos taken on bright, sunny days, cloudy days have their own appeal. The soft, even lighting kept the background from either being washed out or lost in dark shadow when I shot engagement photos for Cleo and Ralph. Although a bit chilly, the weather cooperated with us to get some beautiful photos.

Cleo and Ralph wanted a somewhat private setting, but with some character, so I suggested the Kimball-Jenkins Estate and School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire. There are several stately, old buildings of brick and wood, nice grounds, and magnificent maples and other large trees. The variety of settings in a relatively small space let us get some wonderful shots in a short amount of time.

Ralph and I both served in the military, he in the Army Reserve and me Army active duty, so it gave us something to chat about. I enjoy working with veterans or people currently serving in the military. It can be a demanding job.

I also had help on this shoot from Roger (which meant that I got his and Ralph’s names mixed up here and there). Roger’s mom was involved with the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk that I photographed. She mentioned that Roger was interested in learning photography and would like to help me on some shoots. It’s always nice to have an extra set of hands and eyes and he was a great help.

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