Adorable Flower Girl Admires Dress

By September 7, 2014 September 17th, 2014 Portraits, Wedding

There are many adorable flower girls, but Kailee is certainly at the top of the list. While the ladies got ready at her uncle Ryan’s wedding, I got some precious photos of her admiring herself in the the mirror and her new aunt Stevee’s gown. The newly-built Lakeview cabin at Lake Shore Village Resort in Weare, NH offered at a beautiful setting for the shots.

I had just taken a few photos of Stevee holding her gown in front of the mirror and decided that it would be fun to get some of Kailee as well. She was quite the little ham for the camera. Kailee has the free spirit of any almost four year old, so it required a bit more patience and gentle guidance to get the poses I had in mind for the shots. Of course, it’s also fun to just let kids be themselves.

For example, in one of the photos with Stevee’s gown, we asked her to look up at it – so she leaned back with an expression like, “Whoa! How did that get there?” Even though that’s not exactly what we had in mind, the shot certainly is cute. I included several images of Kailee because they have different elements I like and one of Stevee in the mirror because it went with the ones of Kailee.

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