Exploring the Art of Vintage Travel Posters

The look of the vintage travel posters from early 20th Century appeals to me. My grandfather was a commercial artist in California, so maybe it stems a little bit from that. I also grew up in a creative and artistic family (my sister and I would often get prizes for our costumes in town parades). While I like to draw and paint, photography became my passion.

Because of this background, I’ve always wanted to something more artistic with my photos. Of course, I like most of them the way they are, but there’s been a yearning to do something more, something a little different. A few weeks ago, the idea came to me (I don’t remember exactly how) to try turning some of my photos into vintage-style travel posters.

I’m not really one to get overly consumed in projects, but this one did just that. I think about it as I’m trying to go to sleep, when I wake up in the middle of the night, and any time my mind isn’t actively engaged on something else. It’s been a process in learning the style and how to get that look using my photos.

I started out using Photoshop because I’m comfortable with it and can do quite a bit with it. However, I wasn’t always able to do exactly what I wanted. On a whim, I decided to try Adobe Illustrator. Years ago I used it a little, although not enough to become that efficient. I just love the latest version. It’s amazing!

The look has come along way since I started. However, I still need to do some refining and learning to get them even better. Here are a few of the ones I feel are more or less completed. I’ll be adding more regularly. You can order prints of these and more (as I get them up) here.

Please let me know what your thoughts, comments, or suggestions. I always like feedback!


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Della Dornbusch

Do you sell these posters? Looking to purchase the Acadia National Park piece. If so, how much and what is it’s size.

Julie Ann

Very cool!

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