Of Art and Patience: Newborn Portraits

A friend had a baby a few weeks ago, so I offered to take some newborn portraits to practice those skills and techniques. While the principles of lighting remain the same, getting the little one into positions that work for the image but are also comfortable for a newborn takes some thought and planning. And plenty of patience.

With getting hungry, needing a burp or diaper change, or just wanting the warmth and comfort of being held (instead lying on a blanket on a table, for example), one needs to be flexible and easygoing. Little Lincoln did a great job, but much preferred being held by daddy to being propped and posed. In all, I think we created some wonderful images even though we weren’t able to get all the shots we had in mind (which is where the flexibility comes in). Of course, his wanting to be held let me get family portraits as well.

Congratulations to Jessica and Paden on the addition to their family!

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Cat Michaels

Lee Ann, you nailed the photos. Lighting, focus and poses are spot-on. You created lifetime memories for this sweet family.

Lee Ann Lewis

Absolutely beautiful! Beautiful baby, beautiful family and beautiful photos. Wonderful job Aaron!

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